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Services Offered include Cold Laser Therapy and Medical Massage Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy
Comprehensive Evaluation $80.00
 (To evaluate your condition and determine if you are a candidate for Cold Laser Therapy)

Cold Laser Treatment    Additional Laser Units
    30 minute treatment   $60.00    2nd machine$40.00
    45 minute treatment   $90.00    3rd machine$30.00
    60 minute treatment $120.00(per 30 minutes)

The typical number of treatments is 5-30 with an average of 15 for most patients.
Treatment times range from 30-60 minutes depending on the surface area to be covered.
During weeks 1 and 2, a minimum of 3 to 4 treatments weekly are required.
During week 3 and afterward, a minimum of 2 treatments weekly.
Once 70% improvement has been achieved, treatment is 1 time per week until conclusion.

Cold Laser Therapy is concluded when the following goals are met:
· Decrease in pain
· Increase in range of motion, flexibility and mobility
· Improvement in quality of life, energy and activity levels, sleep patterns, etc.
· Decreased need for pharmaceutical interventions

Medical Massage Therapy
30 minute treatment  $80.00

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